Week 48 – 2021

  • My Kindle Oasis 3 arrived in town 🙌. A few days after it arrived, yes, just a few days, there is something wrong with my kindle. Poor me! A long journey to get it fixed, I think 😭.
  • Money Heist – my fav series – the final part 💰 was here this Friday.
  • Bought a new electric toothbrush for myself 👋 and a new RO water purifier for my family 🏡.
  • It was such a long times since the last time I took my mom to Can Giuoc market 👀.
  • Received the notice that I may work from home until the Lunar New Year holiday 🙄. Since I worked from home for such a long time, I got familiar with this routine, so it was not a bad news for me.