Week 42 – 2021

  • 🚀 Released the first version of Woocommerce add-on for ViiVue’s framework.
  • Always put effort to improve the code (or setup / working process) when doing some tasks the second time.
  • Reached 5️⃣km this week 💨
  • Strava sent me a notification that I’ve run more than 400km with my New Balance 👟. What a long distance! Can’t believe I did run these kilometers when I started running last year.
  • Got my haircut by my mom. It’s not a completely haircut, just because I want to leave bangs until I get an officially haircut 💇‍♀️.
  • Disliked some Facebook pages / unfollowed some people on Facebook and mute some Instagram accounts that got my distraction on the new feed.
  • Uninstalled Trello, Slack app on my phone 📴. Stay away from work life in my free times.