Week 40 – 2021

  • Got my body be familiar with the running routing on the morning ☀️. It was months ago that I completed a 5km segment (with mask-on 😷), so I start literally from 1km then increase the segment day by day. Reached 4️⃣km this week.
  • Some bugs 🐛 happened with my plugins. Luckily, I’ve updated the new version to fix them sucessfully.
  • Found a cool platform 😎 to introduce what I’ve done. It’s called Polywork.
  • Created a new plugin called “OnePAY payment gateway for WooCommerce” to cleanup and merge the two messy plugins 🌀 from onePAY (OnePAY payment gateway for WooCommerce – ATM Card and OnePAY payment gateway for WooCommerce – Credit Card).
  • Have a Sip” – a highly recommend postcast 📻 on Spotity.
  • Found that “Reply 1988” series is on Galaxy Play – great chance to finish this healing series 📺.