Week 35 – 2021

  • Install some extra modules for ViiVue VPS – make it easier to debug for development phase.
  • Support to publish ViiVue’s first plugin 🚀
  • More Twitter, less Facebook 💬
  • Run 💨 at least 30 minutes a day for 2 days this week during lockdown.
  • Money Heist Season 5 Volume 1 is released. Hooray 🙌
  • Do some research how to improve and setup cool things for working environment.
  • Laracasts update.

Week 34 – 2021

  • Update new version for my first WordPress plugin, planning updates to speedup my task at ViiVue.
  • 💡 Have another idea for a new WordPress plugin, wait for it.
  • Laracasts update.
  • Setup my first GitHub Action, great tool for dev 💻.
  • Still finding a better solution to speed up the workload with GitLab for my team.
  • Create small tool to generate unique ACF Field Key for ACF Local JSON.
  • Starting to use Twitter.