Week 41 – 2021

  • Quote of the week: “When outside, treat your phone like it’s a book” πŸ’­
  • Gave myself some days-off πŸ™Œ without re-opening my laptop after the working time.
  • Finished “Reply 1988” – highly recommended ❀️
  • Created My Netflix Collection to list all the dramas 🎞️ I’ve finished (and will finish) year by year.
  • πŸš€ Released the first version of Woocommerce add-on for ViiVue’s framework.
  • Started as a beginner on Jekyll to write documentation used internal.

Week 40 – 2021

  • Got my body be familiar with the running routing on the morning β˜€οΈ. It was months ago that I completed a 5km segment (with mask-on 😷), so I start literally from 1km then increase the segment day by day. Reached 4️⃣km this week.
  • Some bugs πŸ› happened with my plugins. Luckily, I’ve updated the new version to fix them sucessfully.
  • Found a cool platform 😎 to introduce what I’ve done. It’s called Polywork.
  • Created a new plugin called “OnePAY payment gateway for WooCommerce” to cleanup and merge the two messy plugins πŸŒ€ from onePAY (OnePAY payment gateway for WooCommerce – ATM Card and OnePAY payment gateway for WooCommerce – Credit Card).
  • Have a Sip” – a highly recommend postcast πŸ“» on Spotity.
  • Found that “Reply 1988” series is on Galaxy Play – great chance to finish this healing series πŸ“Ί.

Week 39 – 2021

  • Released the very first bump version of ViiVue’s Framework successfully. A new challenge has been started πŸ‘.
  • Bring new features 🍰 to my Fiber Admin plugin. Trying to bring some cool functions every week.
  • 2 weeks disabling Facebook app on my phone πŸ’ͺ.
  • Found some inspiring guys in tech 🚁 on Twitter to follow.
  • The very first run out of my house (the segment right in front of my house) after 3 months, feeling better to get some fresh air in the morning.

Week 38 – 2021

  • Started my Fiverr account.
  • Took a WordPress Test on Fiverr 🧠 and scored only 6.5/10 (what a shame πŸ˜‚).
  • Updated some new features πŸ’ƒ for my Fiber Admin and Lipsum Dynamo WordPress plugin. They’re getting better now.
  • Started on ViiVue’s Theme Framework plugin for internal uses only.
  • Improved JS obfuscation setup for ViiVue’s theme.
  • Did a research on weekend to use GitHub Action for optimizing the deploy custom plugin process πŸ‘.
  • Generated SSL for development domain. This task was delayed long times ago, so I tried to finish it this week ⚑.
  • Keep reading 100 pages πŸ“– of the book “Camille” by Pierre Lemaitre (Vietnamese version).

Week 37 – 2021

  • Got the second dose πŸ’‰ of Sinopharm Vaccine.
  • Published πŸ’£ the tool to generate unique ACF keys on Vercel app.
  • Laracasts update: Starting a new challenge.
  • New feature for my Fiber Admin WordPress plugin.
  • Finished the book “The Girl on the Train” (Vietnamese version) πŸ’―- Try to increase the reading times next week.
  • Implemented npm for ViiVue’s theme to obfuscate JS code.
  • “Hospital Playlist” season 2 came to an end 😒
  • Watching “Reply 1988” – another πŸ’― healing series πŸ‘‹ during the pandemic.
  • πŸ—―οΈ Release ViiVue’s license plugin system beta version.
  • Disabled Facebook app on my phone πŸ’’.