Any Alterations

About this project

<Any Alterations> is a clothing alterations studio based in UK. Customer contacts me to build a website for her startup company because she wants to reach more clients by Internet. She also needs to manage the website’s content so WordPress CMS is the best choice for her.

For this project, I am not only a full-stack developer but also a technical supervisor to have responsibility everything related to technology.

Tasks I’ve done

  • Make recommendations to choose a suitable theme for e-commerce site.
  • Customize theme layout based on customer’s sitemap.
  • Create / adjust the extra element based on client’s reference link.
  • Find and apply the solution for client’s booking system on the website.
  • Maintain the code and be available to support client until now.
  • Make sure that client can update the content easily.
  • Support for all the things related to technical issues / questions from client.


The website is online at


You can find the original theme demo chosen by client here