Netflix Collection


  • Voice Series (4 seasons) – My best Korean thriller drama (as Lee Ha Na on the main actress). I also created an OST playlist here, the best one is Voice by Kim Yuna.
  • Hospital Playlists – My best drama this year for the healing series. All about the friendship of 99s on their hospital adventures with many good songs played by Mido and Falasol.
  • Reply 1988 – Series about family, neighborhood, the beautiful youth.
  • Squid Game – Amazing series with many theories. I’ve just found an article about all the mentioned theories after watching the series (if they are all true, the staffs really put their effort to make it’s the best Korean series ever).
  • My Name – Korean action series with the main actress. Han So Hee nailed Yoon Jiwoo – the female character-led in an action drama. The soundtrack is catchy also.
  • BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky – Interested people with catchy and unique music. Their music is totally different from the others.
  • Army of Thieves – 💰 🔑🥊